A Metalsmith's Bookshelf

There are a lot of books out there on metalsmithing. I own more than a few of them.
I've had students ask me which books I'd recommend. So here's a very partial list. This is aimed mostly at general metalsmithing beginners. You're not going to find me listing the Goldsmith's guild technical committee report on small-scale TIG welding, for example. (It exists, and I have it. Pretend to be surprised. But my reading habits aren't for everyone.) If you know enough to want hyper specialized information, you don't need this list. I'm going to list technical books first. You can always look at the pretty picture books later. This list will grow as I have time. Check back periodically.

I'm going to list the Amazon link if I can find it, but please, we have few enough local bookstores left.
Try to find it locally first if you can.

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Other Technical Standards

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Books About Specific Techniques

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Books about Jewelers & Jewelry
(These are more visual)

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Other Useful Tomes