(Or, Where To Get Stuff)

I'll start with the local Bay Area suppliers, and then move on to the national suppliers.
That will be followed by a list of Santa Barbara area suppliers.
If you have suggestions for other local (or national) suppliers that would be of use, let me know.
Just to be clear: just because I mention a supplier here does not mean that I endorse them in any way,
I'm just gathering information.


Local Bay Area Sources


National Jewelry Suppliers
(In no particular order)

There's only one real jewelry supplier in the Bay Area. Anything else will probably come from one of the larger national mail-order houses. Most of them respond very quickly, and can get you your items in a couple of days. Easily quick enough to have it for the next week's class.


National Suppliers of Other Useful Tidbits
(This is a catchall category for non-jewelry suppliers who nevertheless have useful stuff)


Local Santa Barbara Sources
I haven't lived in Santa Barbara since 2010, so these may be a bit out of date.
If you're a Santa Barbarian, please help me keep them updated.