Otto Frei

Otto Frei. (800) 772-3456

Oakland, CA.
Otto Frei's the closest of the big suppliers. They're also good people. They ship quickly, and have pretty much everything. They specialize in high-precision European tools. Watch their sale pages. Good deals can be had.

Rio Grande

Rio Grande (800) 545-6566

Albuquerque, NM
The biggest of the big suppliers. They have specialty catalogs for tools, findings, enamels and display goods. They're generally a little on the high side of most prices, but they have everything, they have it in stock, and they ship right now. They're very competitive on staple items. 3-4 days transit via UPS ground. Exclusive supplier for Bonny-Doon hydraulic press equipment.


Allcraft Tools (800) 645-7124
(website currently down, but coming back soon.)

New York City.
Outstanding source for hammers and stakes. For the longest time, they were the only source for high quality hammers, and they still have the best line on them. Smaller, family owned company, and good people. They're out of NYC, so it takes a while to get stuff out here to us, but they can get the weird stuff. For example, they're the only US supplier of the gold foil for Kum-Boo and Damascene. They're also where I get the 'stainless' polishing compound that does such a number on polishing our hammers. If you need something truly strange, contact them. Chances are they'll be able to help. They also do student discounts. Transit time varies, but generally over a week via ground.

Indian Jeweler's Supply

Indian Jeweler's Supply (800) 545-6540

Gallup, NM
They started out supplying the 'southwestern jewelry' trade, and their stock selections still reflect this. Sometimes this is a good thing though: they have a unique supply of stamps and forming diesets with soutwestern motifs. (All those stamping punches we have in the studio with the southwestern motifs came from IJS.) They're also a very good source for silver, especially large section wire. Their tool selection tends towards the simple and rugged, but I can't see that as a problem. Transit time about 3 days via ground.


Metalliferous (888) 944-0909

New York City. I've only dealt with them in person, at tradeshows, but they have a wide variety of metal shapes and chain, as well as a very wide range of patterned sheet. They also stock reactive metals (Titanium & Niobium) and pewter.
They've been around for years, and the east coast types swear by them.

T.B. Hagstoz

T.B. Hagstoz (800) 922-1006

Philadelphia, PA. I haven't dealt with them in years, but they were, and probably still are, a very good source for metals, as well as general tools. They also stock bronze sheet & wire, as well as pewter.
The only reason I haven't bought anything from them lately is that I'm on the other side of the country. They've been around for 100+ years, and are a fixture of the east coast scene.

Lehigh Metals

Lehigh Metals (401) 941-7361

Providence, RI. They have a website. I've seen it. I just can't find it at the moment.

Specialty supplier of pewter, they'll do anything from very thin, to the 1/8" slabs I used for the early spinner vases. I've used them for years for my pewter, and I suspect they're where most of the other suppliers are getting theirs. Their pewter is actually tin and antimony, if I remember correctly. Modern pewter contains no lead.


Contenti (800) 343-3364
The Contenti Company
515 Narragansett Park Drive
Pawtucket, RI 02861

Larger scale jewelry supplier. Well regarded among the East Coasters. I haven't had cause to deal with them in years, but that's just an accident of geography.


Paul H. Gesswein & Co. (800) 243-4466
201 Hancock Avenue
Bridgeport, Connecticut
06605-0936 U.S.A.

Very large scale jewelry and precision manufacturing supplier. They have one of the widest range of jeweler's supplies and tools, as well as a very wide range of files and etc. They have an entirely separate catalog of files and cutting tools for the tool and die trade, which gives them a better reach into cutting tools than normal. When I wanted half-round swiss pattern files 8" long, I went to Gesswein.

Reactive Metals

Reactive Metals Studio (800) 876-3434
101 S. Airpark Rd, Ste A
Cottonwood, AZ 86326 USA

If you want reactive metals, this is where you go. They've got the widest range of Titanium & Niobium sheet, wire and findings available, as well as anodizers and supplies.
A small company run by metalsmiths, supporting the metals community. I've known Bill (now retired) Deb and Michelle for years. Good people, with good stuff. Highest possible recommendation.