Welcome to the Lair
of Dr. Frankentool

It's not just a verb. It's an adventure.

This area will feature modifications/improvisations/improvements to various metalworking tools, as well as various manuals or other tidbits that I've collected over the years.
(Along with a few good stories.)

These modifications are inspired by my own needs, and rely on tools you may not have. I'm just sharing the knowledge.
Any use you choose to make of this information is solely at your own risk. These are not beginner projects, many of them aren't even projects. They're just things I've disovered.

Currently, the only manuals I have here are the manuals for a 1948 Sheldon 10x48" lathe formerly in my collection of absurdly heavy objects.
They may be found here

Why Brian isn't Blind,
Or an ode to safety glasses

The Saga of Sara-Lil
Tool scrounging in frozen Detroit...

Granny & the Anvil of Doom
I also have a blog over at Ganoksin.com that I update periodically.
It generally deals with issues relating to metalsmithing that don't quite fit here.
Brian's Blog

Blogtalk Radio Interview
Jay Whaley interviewed me on his blogtalk radio program in July of 2009, before a workshop I gave on Korean style damascene.