The SBCC/Adult-Ed Jewelry Program restarted in its new studio in 1998
By virtue of some heroic fundraising, heavy construction and feline wrangling by Janice Lorber and a cast of hundreds of others, the new lab started out in absolutely stunning shape.

With vents so quiet you have to listen to tell if they're on, custom built workstations for 24 students, and 8 professionally vented soldering stations. Since then, we've added LCD monitors to each workbench, and a video camera system that lets us display and record demonstrations at very high magnification, as well as displaying digital and DVD presentations.

There are two main areas: the main shop inside, and the 'back porch', which was roofed over and finished several years after the program resumed. The loud/messy things tend to happen out back, while the workstations and soldering areas are inside.

The images below are panoramic tours of both the main studio and the back porch.
Take a look around and see what we've done with the place.

Both images are Quicktime VR panoramas.
Click and hold inside the image to turn and tilt it to look around the rooms.
You can zoom in by holding the shift key, and zoom out by holding the control key.

The main studio on a random Saturday over the summer.

The 'back porch' with the anvils, buffers, casting area, lapidary gear and all the other messy tools.
Same random Saturday.